Monday, 2 May 2016

David Gianulias and the Best Way to Serve Pinot Noir

As a winemaker, David Gianulias is knowledgeable in the ways to serve Pinot Noir. Through his Levendi Winery, he sells a Russian River Pinot Noir as well as a Rose of Pinot Noir. Here he offers his wisdom of this grape variety and its light wines.

David Gianulias
  •  Unlike many red wines that are deeper in color and flavor, the Pinot Noir variety is often served slightly chilled. Consider cooling the wine until it is roughly ten degrees below room temperature. This gives the best atmosphere for the wine to breathe and allow the flavors and aromas to shine on the tongue.
  • Choosing to decant a Pinot Noir before serving I decided based upon the quality and vintage of the wine. If the Pinot Noir is young, it should be decanted to allow added oxygen into the wine. This process, which involves pouring the wine into a separate vessel and letting it rest in the open, adds aeration to the liquid. Pinot Noirs which are older and more refined should never be decanted. Too much aeration and the delicate bouquet of the wine will be dulled.
  • Pinot Noir is a delicate wine. Improper temperature and too little or too much aeration can ruin the experience. It is because of this that many novice wine connoisseurs are intimidated by the variety. Instead of shying away from a Pinot Noir selection, follow the simple rules listed above for a successful tasting each time.
  • When serving a Pinot Noir, whether decanted or not, the wine should always be poured into a larger balloon-shaped glass. This style of glass will give the Pinot Noir room to breathe and let loose its aroma, while still trapping that aroma within the rim. Classic wine enthusiasts always promote swirling the wine within the glass before drinking to enhance the subtle flavors.
  • Care should be taken when storing a Pinot Noir of any age, especially if it will not be uncorked for some time. If not stored properly, the wine will age too quickly and the drinker will miss out on the peak flavor time. It is not necessary to store the wine in a specific wine cooler. If the server's home has a wine cellar, basement, or other cool and dark room, that will suffice. As long as the Pinot Noir is kept at a temperature between forty-five and sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.
  • How a Pinot Noir bottle is stored is equally important to its environmental temperature. These wine bottles must be stored on their sides, laying down. This ensures that oxygen does not leak into the bottle through the cork. It also keeps the cork moist which means that it will not crack over time says David Gianulias.