Sunday, 20 September 2015

What Makes a Successful Winery

The idea of owning your own winery is extremely appealing to many. Living in the house on the land, watching the grapes grown and then drinking your own vintage would surely not be that difficult. In reality, starting, growing, and maintaining a successful winery is a challenging, expensive prospect.

If you buy a winery that is already growing grapes and producing wine, you have saved yourself a tremendous amount of work, but it may lack the personal touch you want. If you want to start from scratch to make a wine with your unique fingerprint on it, you have a long road ahead of you.

David Gianulias

First you need to buy some land, which in certain parts of California’s wine country can go for up to $300,000 per acre. Once you own the land, it needs to be cleared and then planted. Once you’ve planted, it can take up to two or three years before you see enough fruit to begin the wine making process. Once you’ve begun the process, it can take a few years before you have anything old enough to sell.

David Gianulias knew these challenges when he decided to found Levendi Winery. His patience and dedication has since paid off. Levendi wine has become a must have in California and all over the nation. Acclaimed Chef Wolfgang Puck collaborated with Gianulias to provide Levendi wine to not only his flagship restaurant, but all his restaurants. Levendi wines have become a darling of Napa Valley, and have won several awards.

If you have the time, money, and expertise, you can create a successful winery if you treat your challenges like David Gianulias did; with enthusiasm and tenacity.