Sunday, 6 September 2015

Three Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

While many people watch the Wimbledon series every year, not as many play tennis. But tennis is one of the sports that has amazing health benefits. Here are three health benefits that come with playing tennis.

David Gianulias
David Gianulias

Helps you Run Faster

Tennis is a game that involves quick-fire changes as you run across the court to return serves. According to research, running around the court to hit the ball requires 300-500 bursts of energy per match. If you try to calculate that in terms of distance, then you will be running the equivalent of three to five miles per match. Running is good for the heart as it helps build up your cardiovascular system.

Lower the Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Because you are constantly running from side to side to return volleys and intercept serves, you are building up your cardiovascular system that helps keep your heart and lungs healthy. Playing tennis also reduces the risk of diabetes, because it helps you to lose weight. Being obese poses a risk of contracting diabetes, and playing tennis helps lose weight and stay fit.

Beneficial to the Brain

To play tennis, you have to stay alert at all times. You have to be focused, make split-second decisions, and devise a strategy. For every ball that comes to your side of the court, you have to make the decision whether to go for it or leave it. The built-in break after each point helps players come up with a strategy based on what you think the other person’s next move could be.

David Gianulias is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Innovative Spirits and enjoys playing tennis.