Monday, 16 November 2015

David Gianulias - Naming A Wine

David Gianulias owns the Levendi Winery and produces many different types of wine. He also has to name these wines. Coming up with a name for a wine may sound simple, but as many winery owners know, it can sometimes be difficult. Here are some tips for naming a wine.

David Gianulias

Name It after the Grapes
Some people name their wine after the type of grapes they use to make it. This lets the buyer know a little more about the flavor and can make the name seem more fitting. You can also use words that describe the grapes as a part of your name to make it more authentic.

Name It after the Region
Many wines are named after the region they are grown in. This not only gives people information about your wine, but it can also give it a unique name. Just make sure the name you choose is not already taken. There are many wines and few regions where grapes are grown.

Name It after Your Family
Many wineries are handed down through the family and are named after families or family members. Think about a way to incorporate your family’s name into the name of your wine. This will also give you something unique to pass down to your own family.

If you own a winery like David Gianulias, you may need to name the wines you produce.  If you are struggling to come up with a name for your wine, consider the tips above and don’t be afraid to get creative.