Saturday, 7 November 2015

David Gianulias - Starting A Winery

If you enjoy wine and would like to make a living out of your passion, you may want to consider opening a winery. David Gianulias is the founder of the Levendi Winery and enjoys working with wine and the people who are passionate about it. Here are some tips for starting your own winery.

David Gianulias

The Right Location

Grapes won’t grow in some conditions so make sure you choose vineyard locations for your winery that will allow the grapes to grow healthy. Certain grapes grow better in certain climates so do you research and choose a location that is right for the type of grapes you plan to grow.

The Right Grapes

Certain grapes are used to make certain types of wine. Make sure you are familiar with the varietals and know what grapes you need to grow to make the wines you intend to make at your winery.

The Right Plan

Growing grapes and making wine may be your dream, but you have to have a business plan in order to make your winery a success and keep your business going. Make sure you have a strong business and marketing plan before you open your winery. Almost anyone with some financial support can create a winery to make wine, but selling your wines and to have customers purchase again and again is the key to it all.  Operating a winery can be a great way to make money if you have the patience for a minimum of 5 years and owning your own business can be very fulfilling. David Gianulias has found success as a winery owner and if you consider the above tips, you may too.