Thursday, 11 February 2016

David Gianulias - 3 Simple Habits Expert Skiers Share

Skiing is a sport that is loved all over the world.  David Gianulias is a native of California and has been skiing since he was two years old. California may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think about skiing, however, there is a long list of fantastic ski resorts in this state. Gianulias has taken advantage of most of them. He loves extreme skiing as well as heli-skiing. He used to ski demos for Hobie Ski and Sports in Newport Beach, California as well. He is an accomplished skier who has spent years honing his skills. All expert skiers share a few habits.
David Gianulias

The first habit of expert skiers, is picking out the best skis for their hobby. There are several different types of skiing. One is Nordic skiing, which is comprised of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. These skiers need skis that have a binding that attaches their toes to the skies, but leaves the heels free. Skis used for Nordic skiing are also frequently longer than any other type of skis. Alpine skiing is another style, and refers to downhill skiing. This style frequently takes place at a ski resort and these skiers often use skis that their entire foot attaches to. Alpine skier is a younger style than Nordic and is popular among beginner skiers. A skilled skier chooses his or her equipment based on their style of skiing. These experts also have a habit of using the same skis for years due to the level of comfort they develop with their skis.

The second habit of expert skiers is to constantly search for new slopes and resorts. A veteran skier does not necessarily want to visit the same resort all season long. These skiers are always on the lookout for a new challenge. They want to find new mountains and new slopes that will put their skills to the test. These experts enjoy travelling for their hobby and finding new ski slopes all over the world.

The third habit of expert skiers is to try out new terrains and new skiing styles. Beginner skiers, or even intermediate skiers may not be comfortable enough to leave the style they learned on. Some skiers may live their entire life as Alpine Skiers only. However, experts who have spent decades on the slopes are more willing to branch out to other styles. These sportsmen may take on cross-country skiing, or extreme skiing. They are comfortable enough on their skis that they have the confidence to change their technique and style. David Gianulias has been skiing for more than four decades. He is a skilled skier and loves trying out new sports, such as heli-skiing and other forms of extreme skiing.