Monday, 14 March 2016

David Gianulias - The Importance of Wine in the Ancient World

Wine is an important part of culture, and it has been since ancient times. David Gianulias is from a Greek family. His family has been making wine for generations, and they began making wine in Napa Valley, California in 1926. Recipes and techniques have been passed from parent to child for decades. Gianulias decided to take those family recipes and share them with the world. For generations, the Gianulias family has made wine to share among themselves. David Gianulias decided to expand that circle by opening Levendi Winery in 2000. This winery celebrates the Gianulias family tradition by creating spectacular wine for the public. Wine is an important tradition in this family, and it has been an important tradition in Greece and the Mediterranean for centuries.

David GianuliasWine played an important role in ancient Greek civilization and culture. There have been numerous archaeological discoveries throughout Greece that have demonstrated the importance of wine. One of the most common archaeological discoveries in Greece involves amphorae. These were vessels that were used to store and transport wine. Whole amphorae and amphorae shards have been found throughout Greece and the known ancient world. Archaeologists have been able to map the wine trade in Greece using amphorae. These vessels were often shaped and made differently based on their maker and origin. These widespread archaeological discoveries serve as proof of the importance of the wine trade in ancient Greece.

Wine was a major commodity and the Greeks imported and exported it throughout the Mediterranean. This trade helped them integrate other cultures into their own, and spread the Greek language throughout the ancient world. The most popular wine exporters were the islands of Lemnos, Lesbos, Chios, Rhodes, and Crete, as well as Thrace and Macedonia on the mainland. They traded throughout the known ancient world and had a sophisticated trade system. The Greeks introduced their wine making techniques to their colonies in Sicily and Italy, which catalyzed the popularity of wine in Italy.

Wine also plays an important role in ancient Greek literature. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are two of the oldest works of Greek literature. Homer routinely references wine in his writings. He praises the wine that was brought from Lemnos, and he refers to the Aegean Sea as the “Wine-dark Sea.” In literature and society, wine was an important part of social and intellectual gatherings in ancient Greece. Men would sip wine at intellectual gatherings called symposia. Wine was also incorporated into religious rituals and celebrations. The Greeks believed that Dionysus inspired philosophers and artists. This god was also connected with wine. The Greeks held several festivals and celebrations, throughout the islands and the mainland, which were in honor of Dionysus.

Wine played an important role in the ancient world and in Greece. It had a place in literature, religion, and the daily lives of the Greeks. David Gianulias honors the Greek, and his family’s, tradition of wine making at the Levendi Winery.